Photo Editing Software and Applications
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Photo Editing Software and Applications
Daily news, tutorials and other resources about photo editing, drawing and sketching apps
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Gimp Tutorial photo editing blending images

in this tutorial i show you how to blend or merge two photos using the layer mask tool and the gradiant brush. Gimp is the free photo editing software like photoshop and has all the same functions.
models are Kim Rooney and Elaine Haire, from the dom bower modeling agency

all photos copyright of dom bower

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Beginner Photo Editing Basics Tutorial - Gimp

In this tutorial I will be going over some basic concepts for photo editing (or manipulation) such as how to color correct an image, adjust the levels, adjust the hue and saturation, sharpen the image, tweak the brightness and contrast, and add a vignette. This tutorial is designed to help beginners with photo editing, but can also be watched by intermediate and expert Gimp users. I guarantee your photos will look more professional after watching this tutorial!

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