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Inkscape How-To Vectorize Self-Portrait Beginners Tutorial

Inkscape open source software if a vector editor, this tutorial shows how to easily turn any image into vector art using the pen tool, layers fills, etc, it covers the basics for newbies; how to set-up, name layers, etc. very simple to learn.

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IA:I2: Introduction to Inkscape

IA:I2: Introduction to Inkscape | Photo Editing Software and Applications |

David Shaw's tutorials and walkthroughs for using Inkscape for game and comic art.

 So you have got your hands on the latest copy of Inkscape (if not, go do so!) You are probably wanting to get started on making fabulous masterpieces of vector art. But you might be wondering if there's anything you need to know about this vector graphics tool before you start.

Well, actually I recommend playing around as one of the best ways to learn how to use Inkscape. That is how I've learnt nearly everything I know; from experimenting and trying new things out to see how things work out. To that end you might want to play around yourself for a bit, running through

Inkscape's own tutorials, trying to make your own art and figuring out some of the basics. Or if you have already done that you might want to continue on to Tutorial 1 to start with a practical example.

However, to give you a jump start on wrapping your head around the possibilities on Inkscape I will spend this first tutorial briefly going over the basic tools from my perspective as a budding artist. While I expect that most of you will want to jump straight into the more arty tutorials (once they're completed!), you might want to skim over this tutorial first to get an idea of what each of the tools can do.

Before we begin: note that I by no means know everything there is to know about Inkscape; I am still learning new tips and tricks as I go. There is also the issue that given my familiarity with the basics I might overlook some important details that are important for a beginner to know. As such this is to be treated as a "living document", where new material and corrections may be added without warning or ceremony.

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