Apple iOS 7, Color and How to Learn not to Over-Edit Images | Photo Editing Software and Applications |

This entire week have been nothing but about Apple. The new iPhone's 5C and 5S are entertaining the world. While the 5C is more afforable and 5S has more features...what have been changing the technological minds, is the iOS 7. And how this updated software has changed Apple's whole reputation.

Color depth, dramatization and vibrancy has to be what every photographer plans on attracting the eye of the beholder. Low light may be the one nusance we have in common, but with the help of photoshop and countless apps. One simple tool can add bold colors and just enough shadow to emphasize the right amount of depth. Even choosing Monokrom to turn those colors into striking black and white creations.

Everyone, amatuer or professional has had trouble with over-editing. Finding where to stop and where to add a bit of flare can make or break a photo. We even may want to stray from the traditional cliche of using the latest trends in every inch of pixel space. Using too much contrast and (there are a few of us that hate reading the instructions) not using the tutorials to properly learn the program. With editing, take the time to research and know the tools you are clicking on to change your image.