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If you want to remove the existing background of the image, then you should initiate the editing process with that. Clipping path will be used for this purpose. Clipping path is a technique of drawing a vector line around the edge of the main object that will eventually separate the background from the image. The most well known and reliable way of doing this is the Photoshop pen tool. There are some software which has background removal features. But for a professional performance, manual pen tool clipping paths will be the most accurate. If you want to remove the background of the image and want to add any preferred background, then first you need to remove the background of the image. Then it will be place on a transparent background. Then any preferred background can be added to it.

As it's hinted before, Photo Masking will do the same background removing task. Buts it's mostly important for doing it successfully in the hairy or furry areas where clipping path fails or becomes too much time consuming. Photo Masking is specially applied for the hairy, furry or none smooth areas like the edge of a lace used in woman clothing. Clipping Path is not totally impossible for these areas but it might be a lot more time consuming. Hence Photo Masking is the answer. It will show its magic in removing the background of a flying hair. Skilled masking will remove the every bit of the background while keeping the hairs intact.

Via Miranda Powley