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Photo Editing Software and Applications
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Chirp Lets You Send Photos from Device to Device Using Sound

Chirp Lets You Send Photos from Device to Device Using Sound | Photo Editing Software and Applications |

The thinking behind the new Android and iOS app Chirp is that if animals in nature communicate through sound, machines should too. And so, the four person Animal Systems team created an app that does just that: no bluetooth, no email, no 'bumping' - images and other files are sent using only 2-second sound clips.

As you can see, the concept is extremely simple. Once you’ve selected a photo to share, all you have to do is hit the yellow button and any phone within earshot (or is it micshot?) that has the Chirp app open will receive the photo.

Since Chirp works exclusively through sound, there is no security, but the app has to be on and in the foreground in order to hear your chirp. On the up side, that means that sending a photo to tens of people at once is super easy. On the down side, any unwanted eavesdroppers will receive the file as well.

Basically, specific sound frequencies are assigned a number or letter by the app. When you take a photo or select a file, it’s assigned an alphanumeric code that is then encoded as sound in the “chirp.” When you press the button, the “chirp” broadcasts that code, which others running the app decode into a link and, ultimately, your photo. All of this happens in real time.

Kitty Fisher's insight:

This cool 'Chirp' app has to be clearly a new movement towards 'sound' messages. Or at least sending messages via sound system technology. Yes, you have the problem with the security features but the app's creators are more than likely going to add in what would be considered more of a 'messing app.' So this would be a cool app but just as long as you know who is around you.

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MORE Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram-Worthy Snaps

MORE Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram-Worthy Snaps | Photo Editing Software and Applications |

Since we've been playing with (Female Mag Photo A Day), we've been looking for new ways to amp up our shots. And since we're always eyeing the 'Top Free' lists in the App Store/Google Play, we figured that we might as well share some of them with you! Sharing is caring, right? Once again, don't worry, we've made sure they're F-R-E-E and, Android and iPhone-friendly!

Kitty Fisher's insight:

The apps you should be introduced to via Instagram. Coming out of Korea, Japan and China. These filters can satisfy the most abundant bunch of photos, that you want to share with the world.

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